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Become a pro bono partner

We partner with attorneys from large law firms, corporate legal departments, law school clinics, and immigration law firms to represent as many immigrants who are detained or facing deportation as possible.

Attorneys with and without experience in litigation or immigration law can make a tremendous impact.

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Why pro bono?

Most immigrants in detention can’t afford an attorney.

Regardless of background, everyone deserves to go through immigration proceedings with humanity, dignity, and support. This is more than a lofty ideal. For thousands of people, it’s a matter of life or death. That’s why we work hard to connect people to free direct legal representation.

Become a pro bono partner

  • 84%

    Of people facing deportation have no legal representation.

    Many people in detention can’t afford an attorney or don’t know how to secure one—and there is still no right to free, government-appointed counsel.

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  • 5%

    Of deportation cases are won without representation.

    In a system already stacked against the people on trial, it is nearly impossible to win without the help of someone familiar with the law and procedure.

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  • 10x

    More likely to win a case with representation than without.

    For many, having an attorney is the difference between being able to safely remain in the U.S. or deported to a country where they may face torture, or even death.

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Stories of impact

See firsthand what it’s like to do what we do.

Even attorneys who have never litigated a case in court do incredible work with and for our clients every day. Hear from pro bono attorneys who have partnered us to help change lives. To protect the privacy of the people we work with, some identifying information, including names, photos, and locations have been changed.

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How it works

We’re with you every step of the way.

Our mentoring program includes an opening meeting to discuss scope and process, legal guidance, draft filing review, assistance with client contact, and help with interview and hearing preparation. No matter your experience level, you have an entire team of professionals behind you.

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  • Step 01

    Reach out to express general interest in a partnership—or find a specific case that speaks to you here on our site, through your pro bono coordinator, or our newsletters and emails.

  • Step 02

    We connect with you or your firm’s pro bono professional to explore which case would be a good fit for you and what representation would entail.

  • Step 03

    You or your firm agrees to represent the potential client, and we officially place the case with you and provide mentorship throughout the life of the case.

Pro bono resources

Find available cases, FAQs, legal info guides, and more.

On top of working with our pro bono teams, we also make sure you have access to a collection of tools and guides created by and for attorneys. Explore our resource hub to take full advantage of these tools and hit the ground running on your next case.

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Partner with us

Provide free legal services to people when they need it most.

If you or your firm are interested in partnering with us, please contact Jennifer Grishkin, Managing Attorney for Pro Bono Coordination, at

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Meet the community

Your peers are waiting. Join the conversation!

Check out these quick and easy ways to be part of the immigrant rights movement and get to know others doing incredible work in this space.

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    Pro bono newsletter

    Available cases and highlights from recent ones.

    Learn about available pro bono cases and ways to become a pro bono partner. Contact Jennifer Grishkin, Managing Attorney for Pro Bono Coordination, at to join.

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    Immigration law listserv

    A living, breathing community of your peers from across the country.

    Connect with non-profit immigration service providers, advocacy groups, and members of the private immigration bar; join networking and problem-solving forums; and elevate pressing issues through our liaison meetings with government agencies.

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