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Case-law charts and compilations

Find immigration law circuit court comparison charts for various circuit courts, including the Third, Fourth, Sixth, and Eleventh Circuits.

Disclaimer: These charts are not a substitute for an attorney’s own research. These charts were last updated on or about January 15, 2024. We strive to update these quarterly. The update date does not reflect an update on every single statute in a section; it only represents the most recent edits. Amica Center makes no assurances of the accuracy of these charts.

General resources

  • 01

    Credibility & corroboration

    Compare case-law in the Third, Fourth, Sixth, and Eleventh Circuits concerning credibility and corroboration in fear-based relief cases.

    Download credibility & corroboration chart

  • 02

    Jurisdictional Bars in Immigration Cases Chart

    Review jurisdictional bars that prevent appellate courts from being able to review claims in immigration matters.

    Download jurisdictional bars chart

  • 03

    Particular Social Group (PSG) tracking sheet

    Learn the latest PSGs being presented across circuits and how courts have ruled.

    See PSG chart

  • 04

    Habeas compilation

    Discover how courts have ruled on habeas petitions challenging various forms of prolonged immigration detention across the country.

    See the compilation