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Criminal-immigration resources

Find informational charts, primers, and request case consultations.

We are here to help Virginia’s criminal defense bar meet their constitutional and ethical obligations per Padilla v. Kentucky and Zemene v. Clarke, and immigration attorneys representing noncitizens facing detention and deportation as a result of interaction with the criminal system.

General resources

  • 01

    All Criminal Grounds of Deportability & Inadmissibility

    This two-page overview lists all the statutory legal categories of immigration consequences for certain types of criminal offenses, including which offenses trigger removability and mandatory detention. Last updated March 28, 2017.

    See Inadmissibility & Deportability Grounds Chart

  • 02

    Realistic probability

    Compare case law in the Third, Fourth, Sixth, and Eleventh Circuits regarding the realistic probability test.

    Download Realistic Probability Chart

  • 03

    Virginia Crimes Chart

    Take a look at our “live” chart analyzing the immigration consequences of Virginia criminal offenses.

    See VA Crimes Chart

  • 04

    VA Crimes Chart guide

    Pair our VA crimes chart with this one-page reference guide describing the primary federal removal grounds triggered by Virginia criminal dispositions.

    See VA Crimes Chart guide

  • 05

    The Categorical Approach in a Nutshell

    Use our guide to better understand the method of analysis used to determine if a criminal conviction triggers a particular federal criminal ground of removability.

    See categorical approach guide

  • 06

    Crime Involving Moral Turpitude Primer

    Better understand what constitutes a crime involving moral turpitude in immigration cases, their consequences, and how best to approach them in court. Last updated Jan. 19, 2016.

    See CIMT primer

  • 07

    Aggravated felony primer

    Better understand what constitutes an aggravated felony in immigration cases, their consequences, and how best to approach them. Last updated Nov. 6, 2015.

    See aggravated felony primer

  • 08

    Conviction primer

    Better understand what constitutes a conviction under immigration law, its consequences, and how best to approach them. Last updated Aug. 28, 2015.

    See conviction primer

  • 09

    Case consultations

    We offer free case consultations for court-appointed criminal defense and immigration attorneys (and fee-based for private attorneys).

    Request a consultation

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