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Pro bono resources

Find available cases, FAQs, info guides, and more.

Foundational to our work is the principle that a well-supported pro bono attorney is more likely to succeed for their client. Explore these resources created by and for attorneys to hit the ground running on your next case.

Commonly used

Browse through our top pro bono resources to find exactly what you need.

General resources

  • 01

    Immigration Court Online Resource

    Find information and resources about immigration proceedings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

    See Immigration Court Online Resource

  • 02

    Check case status

    Get updates for you and your clients about your primary cases.

    View case updates

  • 03

    Register with the EOIR

    Attorneys and accredited representatives must register with the EOIR to represent noncitizens before immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals. Get started here.

    Start EOIR registration

  • 04

    Find an immigration court and access internet-based hearings

    Locate immigration courts nationwide and access links for internet-based hearings.

    Find courts and hearings

  • 05

    EOIR resource database

    Learn about immigration law, EOIR proceedings, and more with the EOIR’s own resource directory.

    See EOIR resource directory

  • 06

    EOIR policy manual

    Search the EOIR’s policy manual to get answers to specific questions regarding law and procedure.

    See policy manual

  • 07

    CILA Pro Bono Guide: Working with Children and Youth in Immigration Cases

    Better support immigrant children and youth by using the American Bar Association’s Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA) recommendations.

    See CILA’s guide

  • 08

    EOIR Director’s Memorandum: “Encouraging and facilitating pro bono legal services”

    Use this memo as support when requesting flexibility and accommodations from the court during immigration proceedings.

    See EOIR director’s memorandum