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There is true relief knowing that the Trump-Pence administration is over. The unique cruelty of the last four years cannot be overstated.

But the immigration system in the United States has always been inhumane. Undoing the past four years is not enough.

We will keep fighting until human beings wanting a better life are no longer held in cages. We will keep fighting until Black people and people of color are no longer criminalized and forced into deportation proceedings. We will keep fighting until all people fleeing violence can access the life-saving protection asylum is meant to provide.

All of us must come together to create the welcoming world in which we want to live. In the meantime, we must continue supporting the individuals who are trapped in the system as it currently exists. We can and will do both.

All that we have accomplished over the last two decades we have accomplished together, as volunteers, donors, clients, staff, friends, and family. We resisted and defended one another.

Now, we are ready to seize this moment and advocate for true, substantive changes. We are standing together for more.