Yesterday, a group of Senators released the framework for a deal that is said to make the processing of asylum seekers more efficient. However, in truth, the bill does nothing to address the humanitarian and logistical challenges facing those seeking safety in the United States. Instead, it would make it virtually impossible for those fleeing life-threatening conditions in their home countries to seek refuge in the United States.

The legislation would seal the border to stop asylum seekers from entering the United States if the number of people arriving at the border reaches a certain “trigger number,” effectively closing the door on our international obligation to assist those who are forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict, and violence. For those asylum seekers who do manage to enter the United States, the legislation radically accelerates the time they have to present their case, creates an impossibly high screening standard, and strips the immigration courts of the ability to review initial asylum denials.

Other deeply concerning provisions of the bill would provide a huge increase in funding for detention and deportation, leading to even more of our immigrant neighbors being jailed and immigrant families being torn apart.

CAIR Coalition urges Congress and the Biden Administration to reject this proposal.

The right to seek asylum is a fundamental human right—one that most Americans support. However, this framework would further gut our asylum system, terrorize our immigrant neighbors and their families, and deny people the ability to seek critical protection.

We believe a country with a humane and just immigration system is possible. We will continue urging lawmakers to reject the deeply flawed policies contained in the proposed bill and ask them to invest in effective immigration solutions that will protect all people seeking safety and keep communities together.