CAIR Coalition stands in solidarity with the 10,000 asylum seekers and other immigrants that have been bussed and flown, some under false pretenses, to unfamiliar locations throughout the country. We support the local humanitarian and legal organizations in DC, New York, Chicago, and now Massachusetts, that have stepped up to coordinate and deliver essential services with the compassion that all human beings deserve.

“Asylum seekers are justifiably worried about having to appear in court in Texas,” said Lorna Julien, Senior Attorney in CAIR Coalition’s Detained Adults Program. “People new to this area, struggling with the basics of shelter and food, should not also have to figure out how to return to the other side of the country after a 30+ hour bus ride to DC. We help by filing motions asking that the location of the court be changed to our local area. We also write requests asking that ICE check-ins not be required for asylum seekers who were released at the border.”

CAIR Coalition is committed to ensuring that all immigrants have access to the legal resources and protections that our laws allow. We will continue to work with local partners to offer legal services and expertise to ensure the relocation of people seeking asylum centers their dignity and humanity, first and foremost.

As always, CAIR Coalition condemns the mistreatment and dehumanization of immigrants, especially by politicians, and will continue working towards a world where all people are free, safe, and supported.