Congress must not trade asylum rights away. As a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators continue negotiations on President Biden’s supplemental funding request this week, CAIR Coalition, along with other immigration groups, urge lawmakers to safeguard critical asylum protections. Senate Republicans are holding Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan funding hostage by demanding extreme, lasting changes on immigration policy on the supplemental funding bill, including poison pills that would gut the asylum system and create chaos at the border.

According to reports, the deal in discussion would implement an asylum ban, create near-impossible barriers to applying for asylum, and undermine humanitarian and other forms of parole. These permanent changes to asylum would have devastating consequences at the border and across neighboring countries, jeopardizing security measures and exacerbating border resources and vulnerable individuals and families seeking safety.

“Asylum seekers are not political pawns, and it is a sad day when congressional leaders are willing to trade in bedrock American values for expediency in funding negotiations,” said Michael Lukens, Associate Director. “Congress has consistently failed to protect the most vulnerable, and to use the current funding news cycle as cover to gut asylum protections is the rankest of political cowardice.”

As former President Donald Trump unabashedly declares his intentions for a vile assault on immigration in 2025, including sweeping raids and mass detention camps, there is renewed urgency for lawmakers to reaffirm their commitment to immigrants and refuse toxic attempts to gamify their lives for political gain.

Background: Immigration groups are urging Congress to prioritize bipartisan solutions that make the existing process work better while keeping communities safe. The solutions include investing in frontline efforts to process migrants, providing resources to cities and communities welcoming them, safeguarding access to asylum, and ensuring the humane treatment of those applying.