Arash sought refuge in the United States to flee the Taliban.

Arash worked in protective services for the former Afghan president for many years and had close ties to the Afghan government. But when the U.S. government pulled its troops out of Afghanistan in 2021, Arash barely escaped the Taliban, who were actively looking for him.

So, Arash sought refuge in the United States.

After Arash arrived in the U.S. through Operation Allies Welcome, the multi-faceted government effort to resettle Afghan refugees, Amica Cetner referred his case to Strook & Stroock & Lavan LLP.

Working with pro bono attorneys Courtney Hunt, Zachary Fayne, Thomas Firestone, and Kerry Cooperman—Arash applied for asylum in August 2022 and received notice in September 2023 that his application had been granted!

Asylum for Arash means that he can live and work in the United States without any fear of deportation, and he can choose to apply for permanent residency and U.S. citizenship in the future.