Gregory fled his birth country after being attacked.

While working as a government employee, Gregory was attacked and forced to flee him home. He traveled for years trying to seek safety until he finally arrived in the U.S.

Despite his family living in D.C., Gregory was detained in Pennsylvania. He tried to fight his case on his own without a lawyer but experienced egregious due process violations from the Immigration Judge.

Amica Center attorneys, Lorna Julien and Aimee Mayer-Salins, met Gregory and represented him on his appeal. Gregory was so excited to have an attorney and to no longer have to take on this fight alone.

Gregory, Lorna, and Aimee worked together to demonstrate that the Immigration Judge failed to do their duty in Gregory’s case. After a year in detention, he was finally released!

Thanks to volunteers from Grannies Respond and Casa San Jose, we were able to coordinate Gregory’s safe journey home to his family.

His case will now go back to the Immigration Judge, where he will have another chance to defend his right to protection. Thanks to Mayor Bowser and DC Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs, Amica Center will continue to walk alongside Gregory in his case!